I used to be the type of traveller who doesn’t care about the history of the place or the way locals live. Immersing with people was hard for me as well. All I had in mind was to go home with good pictures that I can share to social media. Just when I thought that having new experiences was enough, our tour taught me that gaining knowledge is the most satisfying thing ever! Not the type of knowledge that you learned from school, but rather from your own!

Our third day in Bali was the most memorable. It was the day when our klook driver “Yasu” was assigned to us. He was our ALL IN ALL driver, photographer and tour guide. He was the one who introduced Bali to us even without asking about it. Ever since that day, curiosity began to grow within me. I felt like there’s a lot of things in this world that needs to be unlocked. Oh, how I had this mindset way back ago!

Disclaimer: Everything that is written here is based on what I learned from our two drivers/tour guide.


  1. Hindu is the religion of most population in Bali.

Constitution in Indonesia is not that strict when it comes to religion. In fact, they have the freedom to choose what they want whether Islam, Buddhism and Confucianism. Since Balinese Hinduism is the most practised religion, they pray twice a day— morning & in the afternoon or evening. For 3 days, I could hear their ritual prayer at 5 AM in the morning because our hotel was near the mosque. I’ve also seen a Christian church, which also has the structure of the temples in Bali. Not sure if the practice is the same here in the Philippines.

2. Balinese Family Temple

Not all temples in Bali are open for tourist attraction. Some are called “family temples” that is usually located at the left side of the road. Everyone is required to have one on their house because worshiping the God almighty and glorifying their ancestors are very important to them.

3. Buildings are not allowed to be higher than a coconut tree.

Bali local regulized this law to appreciate the highest balinese temple, which is the Pura Besakih. It also explaines harmony among God, the environment and the people. Even malls and hotels should not exceed 15m tall.

4. Transportation in Bali

Private car and motorcycle is the most popular mode of transportation in Bali. Buses are minimal, no jeeps, mrt/lrt and trycicle around the area. Uber/Grab is strictly prohibited to use in the airport as well as some of the places in Bali.

5. Balinese people will make you fall in love with their country!

I’ve never felt so welcomed into a different country, until I went to Bali. From our arrival up to our departure, the locals didn’t fail to make us feel at home with their friendliness. All the staff in our hotel was hospitable, all the drivers that was assigned to us is patient and their spiritual beliefs is so strong that you could see it everywhere.

6. Bali is a place rich with culture and history.

Make sure not just take lots of photos when visiting Bali. Do not miss the chance of learning about their culture and traditions while you’re still there.

7. Holy Tree

On the road you’ll see a tree that is believe to be “holy”. I was able to see two while on our way to our tour. I swear it was really a huge one. 8x the size of the narra tree in the philippines!

8. Building a Family

Balinese are traditionally “invited” to limit their family to four children. They also get support from the government.

9. Animals

Cats are considered holy. I haven’t seen any cats roaming around in our whole 3 days stay! Compared here in the Philippines, they even kill cats!

10. Money

Bali is the right place if you want to feel like a millionare!

Studying felt like a burden to me eversince I was in highschool. Should I mention how many times I skipped school, cheated in exams and got suspended? I bet you won’t believe it. Isn’t it funny that the most lazy student that you will see in school is the one writing this? Simply because the true joy in life is found in TRAVELLING. Not in books, how many times you perfect the quiz, got the highest score in exam, memorized a whole book for recitation or how much friends you made.

Real knowledge is gained through the heart. Of course, let us not forget that education must NOT be taken for granted. Do not fail your exam kiddos! Afterall, it’s the only thing that we could give our parents. Wait until graduation, get a real stable job and TRAVEL while saving. See how much Bali changed me?! I can’t even believe I’m writing this myself. It’s like a spirit of a God went inside and came through me at the airport. (HAHA)