Vessel Hostel

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Price: 1200/night

Deposit Fee (Refundable): 500/towel

Vessel Hostel is a unique accommodation across the busy street of San Juan and walking distance from Urbiztondo Beach. Made up of large reusable steel boxes used for inter modal shipments, this hostel is now known for its instagrammable vibe and modern aesthetic in terms of architecture. Who would’ve thought cargo containers can be transformed into something this beautiful? Human creating skill and imagination is indeed amazing!

Vessel hostel has four levels in total. Every floor has a vintage Hawaiian vibe that will give a throwback from the ’60s. Even the music that they play is classical too!

First floor is where the customer service is located. I fell in love the moment I stepped my foot to the entrance. I couldn’t even stop myself from taking pictures at this vintage bike, perfectly match with the plants and the wooden structures.

Vessel hostel could give you a service simillar to a 5-star hotel. Staffs were friendly and accomodating. All our concerns were addressed immediately. He even carried our luggage up to our room even without asking for it.

Vessel Hostel has 22 rooms in total. It has four 4-bed dorms and one 6-bed dorm. Each bed has a curtain that is installed particularly for guest privacy. All linens are clean and the pillow has enough support for a comfortable sleep. Perfect wether you are a solo traveller or travelling with a group!

Unlike other hostels who usually encourage nightlife, one thing I like about the hostel is that they have a quiet time that will start at 10 PM. We got a glimpse of other rooms as well since we got the whole third floor upon our check out. Of course, I wouldn’t miss taking a picture at every spot of this lovely hostel!

During our stay, there are like 4 American kids around 7 years old who are also checked in. I could hear every move that they are making, even their shouts are echoing from the hallway. My brother told them nicely to lower their voice down as we wanted a good sleep. Good thing these kids are very understanding. If you ever encounter one during your stay, I’m sure they’d be glad to listen. Be sensitive to the people around you as well. After all, this is still a hostel.

Outside our room is a mini living room with books that you can read just in case you still have a free time. Of course, I just took a picture. Everybody will do the same for sure (HAHA)

Roof deck was my most favorite part of the hostel. Here we got our light breakfast that includes bread, egg and coffee. You can also put your food in the refrigerator, just don’t forget to label it!

Even if there is a staff in the area, please do note of the CLAYGO (Clean As You Go) Policy.

Truth be told, we woke up early at 6 PM for our last day to take pictures at this rooftop. We wanted to be the first one to arrive before other human beings block is background.

Even my dad loves the vibes, ey!

Every corner of the hostel is a perfect spot for Instagram. May it be on the stairs, walls, or even their comfort room.

They have two comfort rooms that is open for sharing. No need to worry as their staffs always make sure to maintain the cleanliness of the area. Shampoo, soap, tissue and hand sanitizers is provided inside the toilet. Even the heater is not a problem!

Their other comfort room is located outside, just beside the surfing board area.

Not sure if you can these surf board for free. Better ask the staffs for assistance. One thing I’m sure of, do not miss taking a picture at this too!

Parking is not a big problem as it has a huge space that can accommodate up to 10 cars, I guess? Overall, we had a wonderful stay at this hostel. Highly recommending this place, not only for millennial but also for the elderly. Imagine I was with my dad and 31 years old brothers during that night, yet they still enjoyed? What more if you try it yourself! It’s indeed a hostel open for all ages and gender. Add this now to your list!

For bookings and reservation, please click the link below:

Facebook: Vessel Hostel


Instagram: Vessel Hostel

Note: I suggest to book directly at their website.