DIY: 10 destinations to visit at La Union

by | Feb 9, 2019 | 2018, Independent Travel, Travel

La Union gave me so much memories during my childhood. Known as the province of my mother, we always have our daily dose of vacation there every summer. I remember how we swam from sunrise to sunset, how we play with the dark grey sand and how we love catching the big waves. When my mom died last 2008, even the memories of Elyu died as well. We never got the chance to come back to this beautiful province again. But the heart really never forgets, I still think of it like a dream from yesterday that I’d love to remember over and over again.

Elyu was all over my feed this 2018. Glad I was able to finally convinced my dad after months of telling him about this province. He would always tell me “Wala naman makikita diyan”, Since it was the impression that we had 13 years ago. Or maybe he was only saying it out of bitterness because it was only the memories of my mom that was buried there.

A lot of things was established now that we finally visited this province again. Upon researching, I also came into different destinations I never knew existed. Even my dad was amazed with the changes it made all throughout the years. I know mom would be so happy if she was still here!
If you are looking for thrill and adventure, this blog post will cover top 10 MUST visit destinations in La Union for 3 days and 2 nights!


1.Charlie’s Hangar Surf Hostel

What I love about this hostel is the big airplane located in front of the beach. Definitely a hostel that defines what I want to do for the rest of my life— to travel and live by the beach. Place really got me in love the first time I saw it from one of the bloggers who posted it. I contacted the hotel right away through facebook and booked a room for 4.
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2. Vessel Hostel

From recycled vessels, an instagrammable hostel was built! The only reason I chose this place was because I wanted to take pictures. Imagine the hassle transferring from one hostel to another? Yep, I did that. I really wanted to try both of the hostel. It was a good idea tho!

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Day 1: San Fernando

1.Halo-halo de Iloko

Operating Hours: 9AM-9PM

Halo-halo de Iloko is recommended by so many bloggers in the internet. I’ve read a lot of post claiming that it is the best halo-halo in town. Questions like, “what made it different from the rest?” comes into my mind while I was looking through the photos. Located in the street of Zandueta, I was surprised with the number of people visiting the place! Waiting for almost an hour isn’t actually bad idea at all. I found out that Halo-halo shouldn’t be only the highlight. As the name suggest, the restaurant is also serving up Ilocano favorites such as sinampalukang buko and manok and dinengdeng. Every item served is made with lovely presentation! I’m definitely coming back!

2. Macho Temple

Entrance Fee: Free
Operating Area:

Just a few minutes away from the best Halo-Halo in town, is the 7-storied Taoist Temple that is standing on a hill. It is dedicated to a Chinese sea-goddess named “Mazu”. Macho temple isn’t that strict compared to the other temples that I’ve been too. No dress code is applied and photography inside is allowed. You can freely stroll around the area as long as you are doing it silently. Aside from the fact that the place is good for photo ops, you can also see the golden emblem of the dragon, bell tower, majestic five door gate, bell tower and the drum tower.

Day 2: City Tour + Tangadan Falls

1.Namacpacan Church

Our second day at La Union was a Sunday. We needed to go to church like what we usually do on a weekend. I came through Santa Catalina de Alexandria when I searched for a church that is nearest to tourist destinations. I also found out that this was declared as a National Cultural Treasure. Inside lies the image of Virgin Mary or also known as “Apo Baket” that is believed to be miraculous.

2. Baluarte Watch Tower

Entrance Fee: Free

Luna’s Watchtower is just 5 minutes away from Namacpacan Church. Located along the coast near the town center, made it easily accessible for tourist. Personally, I was in awe when I saw the tower built alone infront of the beach. Calming as it may seem, it was built during the Spanish Period to warn the citizens against the plunder. Inside the tower is another good sight for the eyes, but it was already reconstructed last 2016. I wonder how does the original tower looks like.

3. Bahay na Bato

Entrance Fee: PHP 30.00

Bahay na Bato is another good tourist spot at Luna! Located in Brgy. Nalvo Norte, this stylish and unique house built with pebbles made it worth visiting. Above is a picture of my dad enjoying the “best” spot in the museum. Of course, it isn’t only about the fun as Bahay na Bato also offers a gallery showcasing handcrafted goods!

4. Paloair Luna Forest

Only few people actually knows about this forest. Waze didn’t stopped exactly at the destination, so we needed to ask the locals which they wasn’t able to give a definite answer as well. We just drove until we reach a place surrounded by trees. I said “Sige, eto na ata yon. Kamukha naman.” I just saw it to one of the blogs claiming that Paloair Baloan is a Bohol-like forest. I never been to Bohol, but the pictures really do give a simillar vibe. Just be careful while taking a photo as a lot of vehicles are passing by.

5. Noble Tower Resort

Noble Tower Resort was like a hidden Gem at Luna. I never heard nor read about this before. We just happened to passed by the place while looking for Paloair Luna Forest. It was the only restaurant that we saw upon driving. Afraid that we might not be able to see another one, we decided to try it. At first it will give you a “carenderia” vibe. Look through the window and you’ll see a tower that looks like it was built from the Spanish Era. It was only that day when I found out that it was a resort and there is a swimming pool behind it.

6. Tangadan Falls

Head straight to Tangadan Falls and skip all the destinations mentioned above if you are just looking for thrill and adventure. You may opt to do it the easy way or the hard way. Hard way involves 1-2 hours trekking, while easy way would only requires a jeep and a 15 minute walk from the jump-off. Going to Tangadan Falls by vehicle/commute isn’t easy. Roads at the time was still getting cememented. Since we are travelling with my dad, we had to choose the easy way.  
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Day 3:

7. Urbiztondo Beach

Two main reason why people go to La Union- to surf at the beach or to be by the beach. Which one are you? Guilty as I may say, the picture above is completely a lie. I don’t know how to surf. I tried surfing at Baler last 2017, but it seems like I totally forgot about it as soon as we left the place. If you’re a beginner and want to take lessons like me, you can rent a surfboard for PHP 200 per hour or PHP 400 per hour if you want a trainer. Waves at Urbiztondo Beach is one thing that you shouldn’t miss when visiting the province. Don’t think twice! Oh! Don’t forget to catch the lovely sunset as well!

8. Gazup Grape Farm

There are a lot of Grape Farm in La Union. Gazup Grape Farm is the closest if you are coming from San Fernando. Definitely a perfect place to drop by before going home!