Hundred Island: Rainbow Land Travel & Tours

by | Dec 12, 2018 | 2018, Package Tour, Travel

Behind the smile on our pictures are misunderstanding that we have to face weeks before our trip. It wasn’t a smooth journey after all. Ang mahalaga ay hindi kami drawing. Yun ang importante!

First, we are supposed to be in a 3 days & 2 night trip at La Union. However, one of us had conflict with her organization at school. She can only go on a day tour. Being the organizer of the group, I thought of another way for our tour to push through that will give a similar excitement of La Union. Hundred Island was my other option.

Short story about the worst travel agency I’ve encountered:

I was searching through facebook and drop by the travel agency named “Touristka”. Since we are 8 in a group, asking help in a travel agency would be a lot easier. If it wasn’t for my brother who tried availing their tour at Dingalan, I wouldn’t risk availing there to be honest. No review button at their profile, feedback from customer is hidden and few pictures were showed from their previous tour. Hours before our trip, they message me that they failed to fill the remaining 4 guest. Along with their message are options whether to change the date or pay an additional 300.00/head. Glad they were able to fix the problem when I said that we’re not okay with any of the options as they should at least inform us 2 days before the travel date. They message me right away that our tour will be operated with their tie-up agency named Jojo Padilla. For short, pinasa kami sa ibang travel agency.

Despite of all the conflicts that happened from the beginning, our tour wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for Rainbow Land Travel and Tours. Kudos to Kuya Jojo for accepting us regardless of the participant’s number. Sabi pa nga niya “Tumatangap ako kahit hindi masyado malaki ang kita, kahit ilang tao pa yan.”

We left Alabang at 11:30 PM and arrive at 5:30 AM in Pangasinan. Long drive was all worth it when a sunset welcomed us upon our arrival. I was absolutely in awe with God’s creation during that time. We weren’t able to witness the Hundred Island Arc since Kuya Jojo dropped us off at a different port which is actually better. We got the whole place by ourselves!


We started the tour at 8 AM. We climbed all the way up the stairs to witness Hundred Island from above. It was indeed a good start!


Everyone was so scared to go down the boat due to the snake found floating in the water. We all faced our fears to go down as our boat guide removed it. Now it gave me a better understanding why it was indeed called Virgin Island.

Climbing through the forest-y vibes of the Island made me really scared. Scenarios like a bigger snake or an unknown surprise might appear as we are walking. All the fears went a way as we see a clear blue water at the end of the path made.

These plastic a bottle that gives an instagrammable vibe.We only go down the boat because of this to be honest!


You will have to pass by a cave before you go to the other side of the Island where the cliff diving is located. Cave is bigger than the one in Governor’s Island which is a good spot to take photos.

Here’s where actually most of our memories came from. Guess who tried to jump the cliff wearing maong skirt and tube without a life vest? US! Guess who don’t know how to swim? ME! Sinong nagaway away? US!

Lesson learned: Make sure you know how to save yourself before trying this activity because there are no life guards to save your drowning self just in case you need help.


We decided not to go down anymore because there is nothing much you can see in the island. Coming from its name, it’s a good spot for kids to swim and enjoy the low tide of the Island.


Here’s where you can find most of the tourist population. It is bigger than the rest of the Island that I’ve been to. (Not sure with that though, cause I’ve been only to 7 islands out of 123 islets.)

Quezon Island has a terrace spot consist of tables and chair. From there you can see a good view of the entire Island, take pictures and rest. It’s also the only Island that offers banana boat so we decided to give it a try!

I gave my camera to the one driving the Banana Boat. He stopped by Pilgrimage Island to take a group picture of us which actually turned good and went beyond my expectation. You can see by the looks of it that He is an expert already! Sadly, we weren’t able to visit Pilgrimage Island anymore due to the lack of time that we had.


We had our lunch here by the boat and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon. Most of our pictures were taken here as well. We got the island by ourselves, enjoyed the blue clear water and the white sand.

Time went by too fast. We needed to go back the Port at 3 PM. I suggest going on a 2 days and 1 night tour if you want to witness more of what Hundred Island could offer. A day tour is definitely not enough, but I’m glad we are able to have a glimpse of this beautiful province.

We showered upon our arrival at the port and ate our merienda. Hundred Island will cost you a lot especially if you want to try other activities. Better bring a baon that can feed you for the entire day to save extra money as the foods and drinks are expensive there.


Like what I’ve mentioned earlier, our tour wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for this travel agency. Customer service is really a 20/10 for me! If you’re going to search through facebook about their name, you wouldn’t think this travel agency could offer you the best time of your life. Only few likes and reviews are shown. I really suggest to try this by your own!

Let me mention also about Kuya Jojo’s Doraemon starter pack that made a good start of our trip! Alcoholic drinks greeted us when we entered the van, karaoke can also be used together with the comfy seats, bass speakers and a charging outlet. Upon our arrival at Pangasinan, Kuya Jojo also offered us his mini stove and cooking set for free!

Travel Agency (Transportation, Tollgate & Boat Transportation): PHP 1125
Life Vest: PHP 150
Banana Boat: PHP 250
Dinner: PHP 150