Desert Museum: Birthday Discount

by | Jun 25, 2018 | 2018, Independent Travel


Just exactly on my birthday month when Desert Museum posted a free entry for all the June babies accompanied by one full paying guest! I asked one of my best friend who is also a June baby to join me. Now that we are four in a group, it turned out to be a 50% promo for all of us which is not a bad deal

Original Price: PHP 799
Tickets Online: PHP 699
Discounted Promo for each of us: PHP 400

Desert Museum is located in S Maison Mall at the base of Conrad Hotel Manila. For the first timers/commuters, it would be easier to park/alight at Mall of Asia. Follow the sign as you pass through one of the wings that will lead you to S Maison Mall. Surely guards have been informed about the place, don’t hesitate on asking them about the directions.

Even though it’s exactly four months since Desert Museum opened its doors, there are still hundreds of visitors when we went there. I guess the 8 sugar-filled rooms has started a total craze in the social media platform that made everyone curious, including us. I was actually worried that we might not get a spot since there is no online booking for the birthday promo. Good thing they told us upon our arrival that the door opens every 30 minutes!

While waiting for our turn, we already took a lot of good pictures as every corner is already a good opportunity to take an artsy-fancy look for Instagram! What more inside, right?


Another thing that I like is that, the tour is done by batches to avoid overcrowding. Every group has allotted a total of 15 minutes per room and a maximum of 20 people each. No need to worry about getting overbook as the process is smooth and controlled very well.  Our journey started with a slide through the donut hole and into the Donut Room. A side door is accessible for PWDs. Below is my experience about the 8 sugar-filled rooms of Desert Museum. Is it worth it or not?


1. Donut Room

A Homer Simpson donut inspired welcomed us as we slide through the donut hole. Hundreds of yellow donuts with pink frosting and sprinkles was hang from the ceiling. Better watch your head because these donuts aren’t squishy as what you think! 

2. Marshmallow Room


Entering the second room made me go crazy like a little kid getting excited to have her shot taken for Instagram. Blue walls and white marshmallow gave a heavenly vibe which turns out a good combination. It was actually my favorite out of all the rooms!

Just by looking at the thousand marshmallows hanged from the ceiling made me crave for it. Finally, a real one before we left the room. Here we got our first out of the six desserts! In order to claim your free dessert, they will scan your pink RFID bracelet around your wrist. I was so excited to get mine!

3. Candy Cane Room

Before entering, you’ll be asked to choose between either of the two doors– naughty or nice. I chose nice of course! Both will lead to a path of either pink or mint green candy canes winding up in the same room. It was one of the most spacious, imaginative and beautiful out of all the rooms. (Marshmallow room was still my favorite though)

1st activity: BALLS!

2nd activity: SEE-SAW!

3rd activity: JUMP!

4th activity: KISSES!

You can do three activities all at once which is not enough for a 15-minute stay. Actually, our group left us already. Nobody even tried to call for our attention. Since then, we’re all by ourselves throughout the time which I think is okay because everyone’s minding their own business as well.

4. Ice Cream Room

If candy cane room was the most spacious, ice cream room is completely an exact opposite of it. Even though the room was just small, it didn’t stop us from enjoying the place. We immediately jumped in the moment we saw a tub of balls. Too bad I can’t move too much since I’m wearing a skirt. Icecream cone as a hot air balloon was my alternative go-to place.

Here we got our third dessert as well!

5. Bubble Gum Room

At the center is a giant gumball machine that you could step into. Strong airflow will make the colorful balls fly while you’re inside which makes a room for great photos. One of us tried it and she actually enjoyed the moment. I didn’t try it because I was already excited to go to the gummy bears room just in front of it. Three rooms to go and I’m already feeling the sugar rush in me as I got my fifth dessert!

6. Gummy Bear Room

Gummy Bear room is the most interactive area as there are a lot of people who stayed compared to the last five room. Mostly are kids since there are four large inflated gummy bears, mini trampolines, three miniature bathtubs filled with plastic balls and toys that made it accessible for the younger ones. Of course, there are still teens including us who are enjoying the place. Sadly, only countable gummy bears given to us. I want more!

7. Cotton Candy Room

Cotton candy room gave a similar heavenly vibe like the one in the marshmallow room, except that it’s pink and white cotton in tree-like forms. Do not touch anything as the decors are fragile!
Dessert #4: What else could it be? Cotton Candy, of course!

8. Cake Pops Room

We’re down to the last room the museum! A room that released the 100% inner child in us as we climb all throughout the cake pops trying to do a wrecking ball shot of Miley Cyrus. Guess what? I’m wearing skirt! Taking picture isn’t as easy as you thought since there are a lot of people around. But if you’ll be taking a group picture in the cake pops, they’ll be glad to stay at the side for a while.

We also had fun shooting some round fluffy balls into the hoops. Playing around and taking photos at the last room felt like a bittersweet goodbye. 1 hour and 30 minutes felt too short when you’re having fun, but we made sure to make the most out of it!




G/F, S Maison Mall, Conrad Hotel Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
Store Hours: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM (Last tickets sold by 8:00 PM)

Mobile: +63 917 506 2670
Facebook: The Dessert Museum
Instagram: @DessertMuseum
Twitter: @dessertmuseumph