Aqua Planet: Is it worth the trend or not?

by | Jun 15, 2018 | 2018, Independent Travel, Travel

 I was searching for a perfect place to celebrate my 20th birthday, until I came through Aqua Planet that is claiming to be the biggest water theme parks in Asia. Located in Clark, Pampanga, an hour drive away from Manila, made it exactly the perfect destination for me. I was hesitated at first since it just opened last February 24, 2018. Reviews such as long lines that will take an hour to get in is all over the internet. We still went anyway! Below is my birthday experience at Aqua Planet. Is it worth the trend, or not?




One entry, one exit policy



Operation Time: 9 am to 5 pm
Entrance Fee:
Children under 48 inches:
Slide & Soak package (₱750) access to Kids Area, Wave Rider, and Wave Pool area.
Guest with height of 48 inches or over:
Drop & Splash package (₱950) access to all the rides.



Rfid Wristband


 Once you enter the theme park, you will not be able to exit again. A reloadable wristband will be given which you can use to avail your lunch. Strictly outside food and drinks is not allowed. They will ask you to throw the water or leave the food at their table if they see one, just like what happened to us!





  Lockers for the price of ₱200 are for rent at the Guest Services Area. No need to worry if the keys might get lost as you can only access the lockers using your RFID wristband.








 If you want to save like what we did, you may opt not to avail Cabanas anymore. There are a lot of complimentary tables and chairs with green umbrellas for free. However, it’s only on a first come first served basis. Glad we are able to grab ours during our stay since it’s not a peak season when we went there


From their Facebook Page:



Location: Bubblies Bay (Kiddie Area)
Maximum Capacity: 15pax
No. of Units Available: 13
Rental Price Per Cabana: PHP 3,000.00


Location: Wave Pool & Boogie Bay, In front of Giant LED TV
Maximum Capacity: 15pax
No. of Units Available: 24
Rental Price Per Cabana: PHP 3,500.00


Maximum Capacity: 25pax
No. of Units Available: 2
Rental Price Per Cabana: PHP 5,000.00


Note: All guests are accommodated on a walk-in basis for now and the cabanas are availed on a first come first served basis. Each cabana is readily equipped with safety deposit boxes (SDB) that guests can use for safekeeping their personal belongings for free and available electric power socket in charging their cellphone/s and other electronic devices allowed inside the facility.





⦁ Flotation devices or life jackets are provided for free. You must wear it at all times.
⦁ A 300.00 fee is applied if you lost your RFID Wristband
⦁ Smoking e-cigarettes and tobacco are not allowed
⦁ Pets are not allowed
⦁ Drones or any flying device are not allowed
⦁ Outside food and beverages are not allowed
⦁ All guests are accommodated on a walk-in basis while they are sorting out their online reservations.
⦁ Proper swimwear is required.






Spiral Slide

Being the closest from the entrance, we immediately run towards the Spiral Slide for our first activity. It has four spacious slides that has different speed for each. I chose the fastest one of course! Not bad for a first start!


Aqua Loop


Just beside the Spiral Slide is the 100-meter free fall that allows you to slide down in a standing position. Nobody has the guts to try these one in our group. Too bad my dad won’t allow me even if I wanted it so bad. I’ll definitely come back for this if I have the chance with my friends!





Feel the tornado on an easy level as you ascend into the air before a satisfying splash in the pool. What goes up, must come sliding down!


Super Bowl


Grab your raft for four again and ride the Super Bowl if you want to experience the medium level of the tornado. The raft starts at the top sliding down to a tunnel where riders will feel the twists and turns of the ride that ends a wonderful splash!


Sky Shuttle


Similar to the last 2 activities mentioned above, Sky shuttle will give you an extreme level of a tornado. Not even kidding when I say extreme as it will really leave you feeling weightless after the ride!




Hurricane is kind of similar from the Spiral Slide, but a thrilling version of it. It also has four spacious slides that you can choose from. You can go either slow or fast course. What do you prefer? 


Flow Rider



Surfers will definitely love this activity! It’s easier than the strong waves at the beach since it’s just a machine that will stimulate you all throughout. Will you surf the wave laying down or standing up the board? All up to you!


Octopus Racers



Octopus Racers is my favorite spot above all the activities. A rainbow loops and tunnels gave an LGBT vibe that turns really beautiful on a closer look. Not only it gives a good sight on the eyes, but also an enjoyment for friends and family as you race to the bottom of the slide.


Wave River



Make your way to the 375-meter pool after your long tiring day at the park. Just grab one of the inflatables, sit back and relax as the water sweeps you around the area!


Wave Pool



Make sure to grab your own board as you enjoy the 8-types of gigantic waves at the 3500 sq. meter pool. It is also situated in front of a 600-inch LED TV that you can watch while you lay down with the waves. Imagine spending an hour in the spot where all you could hear is 3 music on repeat? I hope the management could do something about it!


Boogie Bay


Boogie bay is a smaller and calmer version of the wave pool located just beside!




For Kids:



Org Lagoon


Orc Lagoon offers various water activities that is enjoyable for the kids such as water cannons, ropes and a giant bucket that splashes every for minutes!


Mermaid Bay


Mermaid Bay is ideal for kids especially the younger girls who are fan of the mermaids. It’s definitely a place where they can feel like the queen of the sea!


Bubble Base


Surprise your children with the three kinds of waves as they step into the pool- Stretch Roller, Roller and Diamond. Surely it will leave a memorable mark for your kiddos!