500 Pesos Challenge: Mt. Maculot

by | May 19, 2018 | 2018, Independent Travel, Recent Post

Difficulty: 4/9
Elevation: 706+ MASL
Climb time: 2-3 hours
Guide: Required

Mt. Maculot has been in my bucket list for so long already. It feels so good now that I finally got the chance to witness the beauty of this mountain with my own eyes. We left Alabang at 5:00 AM and arrived at the registration area at around 7:30 AM. It was just a fast drive. Upon arriving, there are people who will ask you if you’re heading to Mt. Maculot and will welcome you with a smile on their faces. I’m completely amazed by how organized their registration area was. Another thing that I like about it was how completely listed their prices are compared to Mt. Batulao.

 There are three choices when climbing Mt. Maculot- Rockies, Grotto and Summit. Each has different prices for the tour guide which I will post at the end of this blog. Since we are all a beginner, we decided to go for the Rockies.

I don’t really recommend Mt. Maculot for beginners especially if you’re not an active person. Even though the Rockies is claiming to be the easiest among the three, one of my friends felt dizzy along the way. It’s not a straight path but would rather lead you to a lot of rock climbing and rappelling. Also, I wasn’t able to take too many pictures due to its difficulty.

We were surprised by the number of people who also hiked during that day upon arriving at the Rockies. Hiking on holiday is never really a good idea!

You have an option utterly to go left or to go right once you’re on the top of the Rockies. We decided to go left first because it’s where the most famous spot of Mt. Maculot lies.


We waited an hour for our turn to take pictures. I’m glad our tour guide was able to entertain us throughout the time. He was even the one initiating to take a picture and suggesting which view is good for the camera.

You’ll be completely amazed at the view once you reach the top of the Rockies. I wanted to stay longer and take more pictures, but there are still a lot of people waiting on the line.

Since it was already past 12 when we reached the left side of the Rockies, we decided to skip the right side already. All of us were hungry, so we stopped by station 13 to eat Pancit Canton before we go down. However, we notice that prices get expensive as you reach the top. We decided to eat Unlimited Chicken Wings instead.


Gas: 500.00/5 = 100.00
Tollgate from Alabang: 280.00/5= 56.00
Registration fee: 20.00
Tour guide: 400.00/5= 80.00
Food: 100
Expenses: 356.00


Via Commute:

1. Take a bus from Buendia/Cubao or Starmall going to Batangas then alight at Tambo Exit. The fare would be 120.00 to 150.00
2. Take a jeep going to Lemery and get off at Cuenca. Fare is 22.00
3. From Cuenca, ride a trike going to the main jump-off point quickly stopping at the registration area (Rockies or Grotto). The fare is 20/ pax

Via Private Transportation:

1. Pass through SLEX then Star Tollway to Batangas taking Tambo exit.
2. From Tambo exit turn left in Lipa-Tambo H-way all the way to Banay-Banay.
3. Turn right before Phoenix Gas Station and follow straight the National H-way going to Cuenca town proper. 4. Take the first right from the market area. Just ask the locals for a more accurate direction to the registration site and the mountaineer’s store.