Inflatable Island: Before and After experience

by | Apr 28, 2018 | 2018, Independent Travel, Recent Post

Inflatable Island is known as the biggest “floating water playground” in Asia. It is also the first floating theme park set above the open sea located in Subic, Olongapo. For only a short 3-hour drive from Manila, you will be able to have an experience that you can bring for the rest of your life!

Having been able to witness the beauty of Inflatable Island for two times was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Last December 2017 was the first time when they posted a buy-one-take-one discount as a year-end promo. April 2018 was the second time when they posted about their newly opened Unicorn Island. Below is my “before & after” experience and tips for those people who are also planning to go here.

Before &  After Picture:

The adrenaline rush still hasn’t left my body from our first visit. I can still remember the feeling when I jumped from the glacier-like rock and when I flew straight up in the air from the human launcher. Everything was so perfect except for the fact the I forgot to bring my camera. All I had in mind right after we got home is to go back and retake more pictures!

Bali Lounge:


Aside from the fact that I don’t have a go-pro to take pictures while on the water, I don’t want to spoil the fun. I’ll just let you experience it for yourself and leave the rest to your imagination.

Group Pictures:

  Everything went smoothly during our first visit. Traffic and crowd wasn’t a problem, probably because it was a weekday. However, we experienced the exact opposite on our second visit. Maybe because it was a weekend, it’s summer and the Unicorn Island has just opened its door to the public. But still, both of my visits were great. I would always love to come back if given a chance again!


Registration Area: 

Upon arriving, we went straight to the registration area and showed the printed voucher. Falling in line wasn’t a problem for both our visit since we always pay through bank deposit or PayPal. I suggest doing the same if you want to save your time. Another advantage of booking online and paying in advance is a 50.00 discount. Don’t miss the chance if you are lucky enough to get a buy-one-take-one just like what happened to us during our first visit! 


Orientation Area: 

During the first time, we went to the orientation area at precisely 1:45 for a short briefing and to fill up a waiver form before the start of our half-day pass.

 During the second time, they distributed only a few waivers considering that there are a lot of people in the orientation area. What they did was very time-consuming, and the humid heat of the air makes us really mad!


 After that, we were asked to get our life vest which must be worn at all time.

The Beach: 

We arrived at Inflatable Island 5 hours early our half-day pass during our first visit. What we did was to spend the entire time taking pictures and absorbing the beauty of the resort.

It was such an excellent opportunity to take quality pictures if only I didn’t forget to bring my camera. Almost all of my photos were taken on my iphone.

If you want to take a picture at one of the inflatables, make sure to have a friend who’s willing to carry and support you. Going up isn’t really easy just what I thought! I wasn’t able to retake too many pictures due to the number of people during our second visit, but my shots were enough to satisfy me already.

Inflatable Island


Since we weren’t able to consume the entire half-day pass during our first visit, I suggest that we only avail a 2-hour pass during the second time. I was so disappointed again because there are a lot of people blocking the way and sitting their ass off at the inflatable. For 2 hours, we only tried only a few of the activities compared to the first time. What’s worst is I haven’t even tried their newly opened Unicorn Island.

 It was already around 5:45 when the inflatable cleared up. I took the chance and asked my boyfriend to take a picture of me even if I just took a bath and changed my clothes already. I wouldn’t want to leave the place without a picture here!


Bali Lounge:

At morning, Bali lounge was good for taking an Instagram-perfect shot.

At evening, it gives a chill and a relaxing vibe.


Where to eat:

We always had our lunch at the Carenderia located near the entrance of the Resort for both of our visits.

Prince range: 50.00 and above

  You can also choose from a lot of food stalls near the Bali Lounge area, but we decided to eat at the carenderia to save money.

Price range: 150.00 and above