Tagaytay is usually the first thing that pops into my mind whenever I think of a quick-getaway vacation. We would always go there in every occasion eversince I was a kid. I wanted to try something new. Upon researching, I came up with an idea that Antipolo isn’t only rich in churches but also with the interesting attraction and food that it offers.

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An alternative budget-friendly tourist destination from tagaytay, which is also 1 hour and a half drive from Manila would be Antipolo. It’s an accessible destination for both the people living in South and North. And because of that, I was able to visit the place 3 times for the month of January. Driving to Antipolo is really easy and the activities are really affordable!

—————- TOP 5 DESTINATIONS —————–

Below are the top 5 destinations and a detailed itinerary that will help you achieve a budget of only ₱374.00:

1. Pinto Art Museum

Coming from the name itself, it is a place that consists of different kinds of artworks with doors bringing you to a different world of imagination. Make sure to check the map because there are a lot of hidden galleries that you could miss. I came back here twice because I wasn’t able to see everything during our first visit. Also, outside every indoor galleries is also a nice place to take your instagrammable picture.

2. Cloud 9

Cloud 9 isn’t only famous for its 360-view of Antipolo’s Skyline. It also offers an overnight stay, 2 relaxing swimming pools and a perfect venue for wedding reception, birthday part or team building. I was able to visit the place twice also. Might as well go here on a non-holiday or a weekday, because we fall in line for 2 hours during our first visit!

3. Hinulugang Taktak

Back during the 90’s, Hinulugang Taktak was declared a National Park. However, its relaxing and calming atmospehere changed throughout the years from environmental degradation. Local governments and other organization exerted their effort to restore the park. Today, the falls is no longer suitable for swimming but people can still visit and appreciate it from the distance. They also have swimming pool and picnic cottages that you can rent.

4. Mystical Cave

Behind its name is a mystical story and miraculous events that occurred in the place, including the images implied by the formations like the face of Jesus and Mama Mary.Some of the Mysterious rock formations are also similar to the things that happened in the bible.Due to its religious revelation, the cave is one of the famous destination during the Lenten season. It is attributed to Inday Nelly Deles who first discovered the cave in 1970 through her dreams.

It has eight levels but only the first level is accessible to the public.

5. Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

There are a lot of Churches that you could visit in Antipolo. Beside its structure, what made Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary popoular to the eyes of the people was because Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz feautured this church when they filmed their “A Second Chance” movie here.


6:00 AM ETD Alabang to Antipolo

8:30 AM ETA Mystical Cave

9:30 AM ETD Mystical Cave to Cloud 9

10:00 AM ETA Cloud 9

11:30 PM Lunch at Robinsons

12:30 PM ETA Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

1:00 PM ETD Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to Hinulugang Taktak

1:30 PM ETA Hinulugang Taktak

2:00 PM ETD Hinulugang Taktak to Pinto Art Museum

2:30 PM ETA Pinto Art Museum

6:00 PM ETD Antipolo to Alabang

—————- EXPENSES ————

Gas: ₱500.00 / 5= ₱100.00
Tolgate: Sucat to Bicutan: ₱70.00 /5= ₱14.00
Pinto art: ₱100.00 for student/ ₱200.00 for non-student
Cloud 9: ₱50.00
Hinulugang Taktak: ₱15.00 for student/ ₱30.00 for non-student
Mystical Cave: ₱40.00 pesos
Food: ₱55.00 (Paotsin)

Total Expense for student: ₱374.00
Total Expense for non-student: ₱489.00

Note: The ₱319.00 budget expense is only applicable for students. Entrance fee at Pinto Art Museum and Hinulugang Taktak is different for non-students. Tollgate also varies depending on where you came from. Price of the food will also depend from you.