My real fitness journey started this year during the “90-days body transformation challenge” at Excellence Gym. Whoever wins will have a 9-months free from monthly fee worth 18k. I didn’t think twice and joined the moment I saw it. It was the toughest yet the best decision I’ve ever made. As a result, I won!

As I look back, all the hard works and sacrifices starts flashing back to me. Until now I am completely unsure of how I managed to worked out 7 times a week and keep a strict diet all the way. Halfway throughout the year when I started to workout less each week. I guess having the feeling that you’re obliged to go to the gym is tiring. I’m 19, I should be enjoying. Going straight to the gym after school and living in a healthy balanced diet life is not usually what a typical teenager should be doing.

Now I understand why a lot of people from all ages thinks exercising is hard. Nobody wants to put a limit in their life. So if there is one thing that I’ve learned and wanted to share, working out and eating clean must be a lifestyle. Do it not because somebody told you, but because it’s healthy for your body. Remember that nobody will help yourself but you. Think about the long run and start now!