500 Pesos Challenge: Mt. Batulao with Canyon Cove + Punta Fuego sidetrip!

by | Jan 6, 2018 | 2018, Independent Travel

Being a girl scout when I was younger opened my eyes to see things differently. I was a very active student back then. Even up to now, I still do. However, the thing is I cannot remember all the details already. Maybe I wasn’t able to appreciate it before. Or perhaps I never really thought of it as an adventure but rather a requirement for school. All I know for sure is that we hiked Mt. Batulao according to my friends who were with me again this year.

Mt. Batulao is indeed a beginner-friendly mountain located at Nasugbu, Batangas. We left Alabang at 5 AM and arrived at Hillcrest Golf Club at around 7:30 AM. Upon entering, one of the tour guides introduced himself to us and started the trek right away. It offers two significant trails- Old Trail and New Trail. The old trail consists of 10 peaks to the summit while the New trail consists of 12 which is easier. Both trails include rock climbing and rappelling. We followed the new trail.

Difficulty: 4/9
Elevation: 811+ MASL
Climb time: 2 hours
Guide: Not necessarily

One of the tour operator, Karl, whom I met last year from Juan Journeys Travel Agency informed me that Mt. Batulao is also called Tax Mountain. You are required to pay 10.00-₱20.00 per station. I tried to haggle with the price and told them about my friend, yet they still insisted us to pay ₱30.00.

We stopped by five stations before we reach the summit. Overall, we paid a total of 150.00 on our way up. It was kind of expensive in my opinion. I wonder if they have a fixed price or price would depend on the hiker. I think it’s one of Mt. Batulao’s adverse effects on the popularity that it has today. Locals take advantage. I hope the government would do something about it.

View from the summit was very breathtaking and relaxing. We spent 1 hour enjoying the view and taking pictures. I’ve seen a lot of solo-hikers while we were at the summit. You can opt not to hire a guide since it is not required. However, it is better to hire a guide if you are a beginner.


We descended the summit at 10:30 AM and arrived at Hillcrest Golf Club at around 1 PM. Mt. Batulao also has an open path throughout. Don’t forget to put sunblock before the trek and wear a cap to cover your face from the sun.

One of our friend who also hiked with us is living in Batangas. He knows someone who works at Canyon Cove and Punta Fuego. We were able to have access to both of the beach for free!

We had our lunch at Canyon Cove. It was already past 3 PM when we arrived there. We were so hungry already, yet nobody could stop us from enjoying the moment and taking pictures!

Canyon Cove’s Inflatable also looks fantastic just like the one we tried at Subic Olongapo. I promise to go back and explore more of this place!

After eating, we went straight to Punta Fuego. Another one of Batangas fantastic beach!

We almost got the resort by ourselves, it’s so peaceful and clean!


Imagine how tiring this day was that it took me four months to write this one? Yes, we all got sick the next day. But I’d love to go back and spend this day again with these people!


Gas: ₱600.00/6 = ₱100.00
Tour Guide: ₱500.00/ 6= ₱83.00
Canyon Cove Food: ₱150.00
Registration Fee: ₱150.00

Total expenses: ₱483.00



Via Commute:

1. Ride a bus bound for Nasugbu. (Travel time would be approximately 2-3 hours. The fare would be ₱100.00-₱130.00/ pax
2. Alight at Evercrest (KC Hillcrest Golf Club)
3. From there, ride a tricycle or walk towards the registration point. (Fare would be ₱25.00/ pax)

Via Private Transportation:

1. Follow the way going to Tagaytay via Cavitex or SLEX.
2. Upon arriving at Olivares intersection, follow the way going to Nasugbu.
3. Turn left at Evercrest (KC Hillcrest).
4. Take the first right after then drive straight until you see the parking area.