The long wait is finally over after 9 long months from school. It feels good to finally have a day free from all the stress, school works and training. Taking a much needed break from everything is what I need and Pipisik Beach Resort at Laiya, San Juan Batangas is the answer. I know the name doesn’t sound alluring but trust me, It’s one of the best choice for a summer getaway!

——————  THE BEACH —————— 

Our first plan was to go to Palm Beach Resort but the guard said that it’s already full and reservation is needed. He just handed us a brochure of other beach resorts. Pipisik is the closest so we went there instead. It’s not a bad idea though because the resort is private and family owned. We get to enjoy the place without worrying about the people.

Sitting at the beach and looking at the waves flow by is one of the best feeling in life. Just embracing every bit of God’s creation in this beautiful place!

Since the beach is a “no signal zone”, I was able to have a day away from the world. No phone, just a good view in-front of me. (Pero bago ang lahat, share ko lang muna yung naging experience ko sa bato na yan. Tagalog ko ikkwento para mas exciting. Kelangan ko kasi ng signal para makapagpaalam sa aking babyloves. Sabi kasi nung mga nagttrabaho dun, diyan daw ako tumayo at humeram ng payong sa tindahan para makapag send. Ginawa o naman at infairness, totoo nga! So kung balak niyo pumunta sa beach na ‘to, alam niyo na ha?)

Water got me wet from standing at the rock but I love how it cooperates  from having a good shot like this.

——————  OTHER PICTURES —————— 

Of course, I wouldn’t miss the chance of taking picture in a place with such a beautiful view. So forgive me for the next photos will be just all about me.

I’ve been planning to have a hena tattoo to match what I’m wearing and good thing there’s a guy roaming around the place doing hena for only 100 pesos. My brother was able to have on his arm and mine on my back. It’s my first time trying it and I love how drawing feels on my skin.

I cannot find a filter for this picture that match the other shot, I’ll just make it B&W. This is also my favorite part of the place. These cabana beside the beach is a perfect place to relax and stay on!


Beach is lovely with waves but it’s even lovelier with low tide.

——————  GOODBYE —————— 

So before leaving, I would like to take picture with my new favorite view. People say falling in love at first sight with a person is stupid, but the beauty of nature  is acceptable.

Overall, this trip was amazing! I am definitely combing back again!