A summary of our 4 days & 3 nights stay at Boracay under TravelOnline package tour:

RATE: 17,800


We arrived at Ninoy Aquino International Airport at 7:30. Our flight is at 10:45. We were 3 hours early to prepare ourselves.

Once we arrived at Kalibo Airport, staffs from Island Star Express assisted and told us that there’s a bus waiting outside.

Our driver drops us off to Caticlan Jetty Port. We rode a boat going to Boracay.

Not included in the package:

Terminal fee: 100/pax

Environmental fee: 50/pax

A van picked us up going to our hotel. Travel time would take 15 minutes.

Note: When going to Boracay, booking a flight to Caticlan is better than Kalibo. Travel time from Kalibo to Boracay is 2/half hours. Travel time from Caticlan to Boracay would take only 30 minutes.

We were told by our Tour Operator, Mike, that the airport is not yet fully developed and the airplanes are small and dangerous. We found out that his statement is false when we passed by Caticlan Airport. We should’ve booked for Caticlan instead.


La Carmela Boracay


There were a lot of staffs who accommodate us once we arrived at the hotel. However, we were disappointed with how slow their service was!


When I entered the room, it’s clean and spacious, but there is something with the ambiance that I don’t like.  I wasn’t able to have a good sleep for 3 nights. The only thing that I want is when I found out that their heater is working. They only provide soap and shampoo so better bring your toothbrush because they don’t offer one!


They have swimming pool In Front of the hotel, just near the beach.


We spend most of our time eating. Good thing we have free food vouchers given by the Travel Agency. Since it’s not enough, we got to have a chance to compare the other restaurants and explore the place.

Day 1:

Upon arriving at Boracay, we went straight to get our free pizza from Red Coconut. We upgraded the margarita to pepperoni pizza. We also availed strawberry milkshake and calamansi juice for our drinks.

Bill: 384.00

Day 2:

Our hotel offers a free buffet breakfast.

For our lunch, Island Hoping included in our package, but there’s a separate payment for their buffet. We have to pay 300/pax.

We had our merienda at Puka Beach. They offer a free stay at their chairs, but you have to avail of their overpriced foods. We don’t have a choice but to buy a cheese stick worth 200.00. Guess what? It’s the cheapest!

Bill: 300.00

For our dinner, Astoria offers a free buffet. As an exchange, you have to listen to their 90 minutes presentation.

Day 3:

We had our buffet breakfast again at our hotel.

We had our free lunch at Villa de Oro. We chose Grilled Liempo and Grilled pork chop. We also availed an additional strawberry milkshake and Lemon Juice.

Bill: 150.00

We had our dinner at Inasal Boracay.

Bill: 370.00

Day 4:

We have to leave Boracay early at 7:00 am because our flight is at 12:45. We had our breakfast at Everyday Breakfast just beside our hotel. It’s the only restaurant that is open near us during that time. We availed tapa and longanisa.

Bill: 360.00

We had our lunch at Kalibo Airport before our flight at 12:45.

Note: Expect that the restaurants in Boracay are expensive. Based on my observation, the prices for their foods would range 170 as the lowest. No need to worry because they have a lot of fast food to choose from if you are on a tight budget.


Boracay has a lot of activities to offer such as parasailing, diving, banana boat, etc. Island Hoping is the only activity that is suitable for us because my dad didn’t know how to swim and scared of heights. I will definitely come back to try the other activities!


Boracay is an excellent place to be if you are looking for nightlife. Overall, I enjoyed my 4 day & 3 nights stay at  Boracay.