Luisiana Trilogy:

Talay falls, Hidden Falls & Hulugan Falls!

In availing a package tour, likes and reviews in facebook is important. Juan journey is still building their status on social media which made me think twice if I should try them or not. I was amazed when the agency owner said that she is still a college student studying in Muntinlupa.

I made a good decision by giving it a chance because it was the best experience I’ve had so far with package tours. We had our meet up at Jollibee, Alabang at 4:30 a.m. We headed straight to Luisiana as soon as the van arrived. It was just a one-hour drive.

05:30AM – Arrival at Luisiana, Laguna

Upon arriving at the destination, our tour coordinator proceeds to the registration site to pay for our registration fee worth P25. Our group went straight to eat breakfast in a small canteen called “Aling Ganda’s Tapsilog”.

Before starting the trek, we were asked to introduce our names and say one word that will describe our personality. It was a good start for all of us. Kudos to Kuya Jasper for knowing how to break the ice!

07:30AM – Start of the tour

Kuya Jasper inform us that it would be about thirty minutes hike away. I wore white shoes thinking it would be fine. I didn’t know that we would be walking around for hours soaked and stepping into the mud.

8:00AM – Talay Falls

Talay falls was our first stop. It’s the smallest falls among the two.

08:30AM – Hidden Falls

The next waterfall is just a few minutes away.

As you can see in the picture, hidden falls is on the other side. It involves a short rappelling and another long climb to the rocks. Actually, I don’t have any plans on going there. Kuya Jasper was able to convinced me that it was just a one-time experience.

I’m so happy that I was able to surpass my weakness. Also, I was surprised that the water to falls is really cold.

09:00AM – Back down to Hidden Falls and proceed trekking

Prepare yourselves because going to Hulugan Falls was a bit harder than I’ve expected!

09:45AM – Hulugan Falls

Lower down your expectation when going to Hulugan Falls or at least know when’s the best time to visit it. Honestly, I was quite disappointed when I saw the falls. It was really different from the pictures I saw online.

Kuya Jasper told us that there are really days where a very little water is running in the falls, which what happened in my experience. It may disappoint visitors expecting big splashes.

12:30PM – Trek Back to the Registration Site

We spent longer at Hulugan Falls than Talay and Hidden Falls. Most of our time were spent by taking pictures rather than taking a swim because we were told that the water is about 15ft deep.

Unless you know how to save yourself, then you can enjoy all you want. Good thing thee’s a salbabida to helped you reach the other side!

1:30– Tidy up then have our Lunch

We hike back to Aling Ganda’s Tapsilog. They offer not only food, but also shower rooms and other basic things that you need.

Don’t forget to buy their Bibingka. 3 pieces for only 100 pesos. It is place in a banig bag which made it good for a pasalubong.

2:00PM – Departure at Luisiana, Laguna

It was really exhausting but witnessing the beauty of the three waterfalls in Luisiana, Laguna — Talay, Hidden and Hulugan is really worth the hike!

How to Go to Luisiana, Laguna


Take the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and exit in Calamba.

Stay on the national road (highway), passing through several towns including Los Banos, Sta. Cruz, Bay, and Pagsanjan.

Before you reach Cavinti Town Proper, turn right to Cavinti-Luisiana Road.

On Cavinti-Luisiana Road, watch out for a San Salvador/Hulugan Falls signage at a corner TO YOUR RIGHT. It’s very easy to miss, but just be on the lookout for adjacent roads because there are not many. You’ll find the Information Desk at the corner. You will be given a tour guide.

Once you’re assigned a tour guide, drive on that (adjacent) road or follow your guide until you reach the Captain’s House where you will register. You can park on the side of the road in front of that house.


Make your way to Cubao or Taft, and ride a bus going to Sta. Cruz, Laguna. Fare: P140.

Ride a jeepney going to Lucena or Lucban and alight in San Salvador. It is highly possible that you will miss the right stop so make sure you tell the driver to drop you off in San Salvador. Fare: P30. If you miss it, alight in Luisiana Town Proper and just take a tricycle to San Salvador.

At the corner, you will find an Information Desk at a waiting shed. You will be assigned a tour guide here. He will then take you “sa Bahay ng Kapitan” (Captain’s House), where you will register and pay the Tourism Fee, which is now P20.

Whether you take public or private transportation, the Captain’s House will be your jump-off point. From here you will be taking a tricycle (P10 per person) to the start of the trail. The ride should take a minute or two.