Tri-City: Hongkong, China & Macau

Everything is already set in my mind. From invitation, program, and gowns. We even paid a down payment of 10k for a venue already. Little did I know that things were harder than I’ve expected. I realized that 18th birthday is fun until you reach the stage where you have to make all your ideas work.

Two months before my birthday, I told my dad that I want to travel instead. We found this Tri-city package in facebook under Aboex Travel and Tours. For 3 days and 2 nights, you will be able to enjoy and experience the Tri-city tour at Hongkong, China, and Macau. My dad decided to give it a try, we bought 4 tickets online.

Rate: 20,988

Travel Tax: 1630

Inclusion:  Roundtrip airfare, Hotel, Food, Transportation and Itinerary

It was already late when we found out that in China, you are required to have 6 months before the expiration date of your passport. Both of my brothers were re-scheduled. My 18th birthday turned out to be a father-daughter bonding for us!

9:00 AM: Arrival at Hongkong

We went straight to our first destination- Avenue of the stars. We didn’t check in a hotel to be able to minimize the itinerary. All of our things were put in a bus compartment instead. I knew this is going to be a long but fun trip ahead of us when I found out that we were fifty in a group. Meeting new people really excites me!

Day 1: Hongkong

Avenue of the Stars.

Avenue of the Stars is created to pay tribute to outstanding professionals of country’s film industry like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. I was able to witness the Panoramic view of Victoria Harbor. It was very relaxing.

They say that visiting the place is better at night because you will be able to witness the dancing lights. Heat is too strong during the afternoon, we weren’t really able to stroll around.

Hongkong Disneyland

Hongkong Disneyland is really a good place to bring back your childhood. Everything that you will hear or see around, will make you feel like a kid again. It’s not a place for thrill and adventures that you will have your mouth open the whole time. It’s a place to feel free and happy as you see everyone with a sparkle in their eyes. One of the most memorable experience for me is to witness the parade and the fireworks at night. It was one of the most amazing thing I’ve seen in my whole life- I’m not even kidding!

Day 2: Shenzhen, China

For our second day, we were advised to get ready before 8 am.  Six hours of sleep still wasn’t enough. We went down for our breakfast before checking out. I knew it’s going to be a long day because all of our things were put in a bus compartment again.

Bamboo Charcoal Market

Toothpaste, soap, towel, panties, cotton, medicine support and all other products that are made up of Bamboo can be found here. They prepared a 30 minutes demonstration about how bamboo charcoal is different from the products that can be bought in the market. They also ask for some volunteers to try in front and gave each one of us mini samples.

Loohu Shopping Center

One thing that you must know when shopping in China is to be good at making tawad, always ask for a lower price even if they say no at first. Make them feel that you really want it.

As we were walking around, I found this silver glittery toms worth 300HKD. Imagine how I was able to buy it for 60HKD. One of our group also purchased an Iphone6 for only 5,000pesos!

Window of the World

Window of the world is my favorite part of the tour. The weather didn’t cooperate but we still manage to enjoy the moment.

Everything in this place is beautiful. We were able to visit many replicas of famous sites from different countries. At the end of the tour, it doesn’t matter if our clothes and shoes are all wet. I wouldn’t miss having a new experience and good picture in this place!

Day 3: Zhuhai, China

Herbal Spa Massage

After 2 tiring days, we were finally given a time for relaxation. I was so excited when our tour guide said that we will be having a foot massage.

We all headed in a room as they give as a bucket of water one by one. All of my expectations went down when the therapist said that ages 18 years old and below is not allowed to take a massage. From my point of view, selling their products is their only intention, which is why they only talk to older people.

Mt. Shijingsan Park

Rate: 500 pesos (Cable car is excluded with our package)

The Mt Jingshan park is a nice place to see overall of Zhuhai city. We can also see the fishing girl statue from the top of park.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to enjoy the ride because it was raining. All of us were forced to buy a raincoat worth 15 HKD.

Lover’s road

Coming from its name, it’s the best idea to take your boyfriend or girlfriend for a walk. It’s beside the seaside which will give you relaxing breeze of the air.

Fishing girl statue is also known at this place. Behind the statue is a love story which I am excited to discuss on my other blog post.

Day 3: Macau

St Paul’s Church

Ruins of St. Paul is one of Macau’s most famous landmarks. It shows the facade of the Cathedral of St. Paul, which was destroyed by a fire during a typhoon in 1835.

It’s hard to imagine how big and terrible the fire was, to be able to destroy this tall granite building. Expect the place to be crowded. Taking pictures of the view without other people is really impossible.

A-ma Temple

A-ma temple is one of the three famous Buddha halls in Macau. To be honest, there’s nothing much to see in this place.

Venetian Resort

Venetian Macao is a luxury hotel, casino resort and shopping mall in Macau. It is known as the seventh largest building and casino in the world. Tourists are greeted by the magnificent interior design, even the comfort rooms.

Comment Section:

One of the disadvantages of choosing travel packages is that you cannot complain. You must follow the itinerary whether you like it or not. I enjoyed everything except for the fact that we go to shopping stores a lot.
Tip: In buying pasalubong, souvenirs, shirt or chocolate- Don’t buy in Hongkong. One of our mistakes is we spend too much in Hongkong. We didn’t know that everything is cheaper in China and Macau.

Don’t expect for too much. First, don’t expect for a 5-star hotel. Second, don’t expect that there will always be good food, Third, don’t expect that you will be put as a priority. And lastly, don’t expect that things will go smoothly.
Communicate with others. It’s a once-in-blue-moon chance that you are going to meet your group again. Don’t isolate yourself, be friends with them.
Expect that you will get tired. You will travel from one place to another a lot It’s just a 3 day and 2-night trip, everything is minimized from that period.
Know the weather. For the whole trip, it was always raining!